Peter Bollen

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 5.15.52 PMPeter Bollen, born in Lynn, Massachusetts, and raised there, has lived in Bridgton, Maine, since 2003.

He served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 to ’70 and attended North Shore Community College in Beverly, MA. He was editor of the Lynnfield Beacon, a trade labor journal, and editor of the award-winning Labor journal, Northeast News Service, from 1989 to ’96.

Bollen’s many essays and letters have appeared in newspapers and journals, including the Salem Evening News, the Boston Herald, the Federal Times, North Shore Sunday, the Daily Item, Lake Living magazine, and the Bridgton News.

Bollen initiated a lawsuit—eventually joined by more than a dozen plaintiffs—against the Justice Department to overturn a prohibition on compensation for freelance writing and speaking for all federal employees; the U.S. Supreme Court agreed and overturned the ban in 1995.

He contributed a biography of the singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie to the Postmaster General in 1980, which helped result in a commemorative postage stamp of Guthrie as part of the Folk Musicians series.

Peter Bollen is presently a columnist (The Reading Life) for The Bridgton News, Bridgton, Maine and continues to write op-eds for area newspapers.

Also by Peter Bollen: “Dear Bureaucrat”; I Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident, collected essays; and the short story, “Assignment: The Torch.”

Books by Peter Bollen:



And: Nuclear Voices: A Book of Quotations and Perspectives

All available via

Testimonials for the author’s books:

“It is a very impressive accomplishment.”

                                                      – John Kerry (Nuclear Voices)

“A fine and valuable contribution to the literature of survival in this age.”

                                         – Mario Cuomo (Nuclear Voices)

“Although the volume’s bias is pronounced, those who share it will be edified by these observations.”

                                          – Booklist (Nuclear Voices)

“I think it’s a wonderful project.”

                                         – Stephen King (Nuclear Voices)

“Rest assured, this book will occupy a prized place in my library.”

                                           – Cesar Chavez (Great Labor Quotations)

“You have given voice to proud generations.”

                                           – Victor Reuther (Great Labor Quotations)

“I’m greatly impressed.”

                                             – George Seldes (Great Labor Quotations)

“You solved my speech-writing problem.”

                                             – Ed Asner (Great Labor Quotations)

“A worthy project – should be read and pondered by working people everywhere.”

 – Studs Terkel (Great Labor Quotations)

“List of bests.”

                                               – The Colbert Report (Frank Talk)

“I’m deeply flattered – and for doing it so well.”

                                                 – Barney Frank (Frank Talk)

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