I hope this compendium is entertaining as well as useful for readers and writers alike. I have tried my best to be accurate and correct in attributing the quotations.

Please enjoy the quotes along with the art work by Ramona du Houx.  —Peter Bollen

“Congratulations on your compilation —  it’s very worthwhile.”

—Daniel Ellsberg author of The Doomsday Machine


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My compendium was published by Polar Bear & Company, a branch of the non-profit Solon Center for Research and Publishing.

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A treasure, a welcome companion for any working writer. In this lonely field, one often feels blocked, stopped, and distracted. . . Refreshing . . . illustrates that so many others, especially the giants of this craft have felt exactly the same and then gone on to publish wonderful stories. It is a source of solace, comfort and encouragement, much needed and much appreciated. It has a permanent place next to my computer keyboard

—Alan Lapidus, author of Everything by Design. My Life as an Architect


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